John Clark

John Clark has worked with development NGOs, the World Bank, United Nations, universities, and as advisor to governments on development and civil society issues. His career has focused on poverty reduction, participation, civil society, globalization, social accountability and bridging the gap between grassroots organizations and official agencies.

He is currently Chair of the international anti-corruption NGO, Partnership for Transparency Fund, and a free-lance development consultant. He also is Chair of the Independent Review Panel – the arbiter of the International NGO Accountability Charter. He is also Research Associate of the Overseas Development Institute.  From 1992 to 2008 he mostly worked at the World Bank, initially leading its civil society program and then as Lead Social Development Specialist for East Asia. During a four year absence from the Bank he worked in the United Nations Secretary-General’s office (as project director for the high-level panel on UN-civil society relations), was Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics, and served on a task force advising the British Prime Minister about Africa. He has written two books about civil society – “Democratizing Development” (1991) and “Worlds Apart: Civil Society and the Battle for Ethical Globalization” (2003).

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