Dima Jweihan

Executive Director
Amman, Jordan (ICNL LLC)


Dima Jweihan is the Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa regional office of the International Center for Not for-Profit Law in Amman, Jordan. Since she has joined ICNL, Dima has been engaged in a number of civil society law reform initiatives in the region, including work to build the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) and government officials on civil society law implementation. Her work covers Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and Yemen. Dima has produced legal papers on public benefit organizations, foreign funding and transparency, implementation of the CSO law in Jordan, and comments on different draft CSO laws in Arab countries.

Dima is a graduate of the London School of Economics & Political Sciences, where she specialized in Regulations and Public Policy. Dima received her LLB from the University of Jordan, and submitted the first paper on Private Shareholding Companies to the Jordan Bar Association for her law practice license. Prior to joining ICNL, Dima worked as legal consultant for the media strengthening program implemented by IREX-Jordan, the Jordan Media Institute, and the King Hussein Information and Research Center, where her consultation work was made in cooperation with local and international legal and media experts. While studying for her master's degree, Dima joined the TLT Solicitors Law Firm, where she worked with clients of multinational businesses. Before that she practiced law as an attorney for a number of law firms in Jordan where she was responsible for providing legal consultations to international clients and conducting legal research.

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