Miklos Marschall

Miklos Marschall is an executive director of Transparency International, a global NGO fighting against corruption headquartered in Berlin, Germany. He is responsible for TI´s operation in Europe and Central Asia. Between 1994 and 1998, he was the founding executive director of CIVICUS: a global network of NGOs and foundations to promote civil society. In 1991- 1994, he served as deputy mayor of Budapest, Hungary. Mr. Marschall was an early advocate of civil society development in East- and Central- Europe. He serves on the boards of several international and Hungarian NGOs. He is the chair of the Hungarian Nonprofit Information and Training Center (NIOK) and, Advisory Board member of ABA CEELI. He also serves on the board of ECNL (European Center for Not-for-Profit Law), a subsidiary of ICNL. Mr. Marschall has written extensively on topics such as civil society, good governance, corruption. When he was at CIVICUS, he initiated a partnership with ICNL that resulted in a widely used publication "Legal Principles for Citizen Participation."

He has a strong interest in the arts as well: He is the chair of the Board of the internationally acclaimed Budapest Festival Orchestra.

Mr. Marschall graduated from the Karl Marx University of Economics in Budapest in 1979, he received his doctorate from the same university in 1984. In 1988/89, he was a Fulbright fellow at Yale studying the US nonprofit sector.

Miklos Marschall
Regional Director
Europe & Central Asia
Transparency International
Pasareti ut. 73/B
1026 Budapest
(361) 394-1390 (phone/fax)

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