Evelina Sandalova

Manager NGO House
Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL)
Sofia, Bulgaria


Evelina Sandalova is a young professional in the non-profit and civil sector. She has been a volunteer from an early age and a fierce advocate for access to equal rights and opportunities for people regardless of their origin, ethnicity and/or disability.

Evi, as her friends call her, has led a youth charitable team, worked for a community and voluntary service in Nottingham, UK, and has been a researcher in the area of social policies and disability rights. After participating and organizing numerous youth conferences, she was selected as a representative of the European Youth at the G20 in Russia in 2013, as part of Young European Leadership.
Following the principle that equality is not just equal opportunities for everyone, but the understanding that you need to make those opportunities equal for all, while respecting their differences is what’s leading her in her career path. Evelina works hard at making this understanding become a reality at both national and international level.

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