Lisa Vermeer

Digital Policy Advisor

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lisa is a political scientist who enjoys working on the intersection of technology, policy and society. She has extensive experience as strategic advisor on international and EU legal and policy issues, most notably in the areas of human rights online, cyber security and the digital economy. 

Lisa has advocated for human rights online on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and represented the government in international settings. Lisa is an experienced project manager in the field of digital rights and security, responsible for the internet freedom programming portfolio of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

She has also advised members of Parliament in the Netherlands on how to influence EU policy processes and advised local government officials on how to apply EU law. She contributed to normsetting research of the Dutch scientific council for government policy about the so-called public core of the internet and has experience as moderator and spokesperson. 

Lisa is based in Amsterdam, where she was born and still lives with her husband and two children aged 2 and 5. In her spare time she loves watching movies, reading books and horse riding.

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