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Country Assistance

The real test for civic space comes at the national level. The CSI seeks to ensure that international norms become the reality on the ground by defending against restrictive regulatory proposals and by promoting enabling environments.

The CSI has provided technical and advocacy assistance in over 35 countries, spanning every continent. Our work is three-fold: (1) promote enabling laws, policies, and regulations; (2) prevent restrictive legislation; (3) empower local actors to continue and expand this work.

Key accomplishments

  • Myanmar: Enabling of unprecedented CSO participation and dialogue with government over the draft associations law, resulting in substantial improvements to the law.
  • Tunisia: Contributions to the adoption of the progressive new constitution, through provision of legal analysis.
  • Lebanon: Work towards the adoption of the first foundations law in the region.
  • Ukraine: Contribution to the quick repeal of highly restrictive legislation on association and assembly through wide dissemination of a quick snapshot legal analysis.
  • Mongolia: Substantial influence over 3 soon-to-be adopted laws in Mongolia concerning basic NGO legislation, public benefit status, and government contracting to non-state actors, following several years of unsuccessful reform attempts.
  • Kenya: Rapid analyses that supported strong advocacy leading to the successful rejection of restrictive amendments on funding to NGOs.
  • Senegal: Start of development of a training program for security forces and judicial actors to promote international freedom of expression principles and protection of journalists and HRDs, with the support of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Bolivia: Supported broad-based civil society efforts to advocate against restrictive laws that impede CSO registration and operations.

This webpage is prepared by the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law through the Civic Space Initiative, implemented in partnership with ARTICLE 19, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, and the World Movement for Democracy.