ICNL Announces Restructuring

30 September 1999

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law is delighted to announce that Mr. Richard Fries, former Chief Commissioner of the Charity Commission for England and Wales, has formally assumed his new responsibilities as Chairman of ICNL’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Council. Mr. Fries was elected during the annual meeting of the Board and Supervisory Council in Washington, D.C. in early June. The meeting was also marked by the presentation of a special achievement award to Council member Miklos Marschall of Hungary, a pioneer in the development of civil society and former Executive Director of Civicus.

With the ascension of Mr. Fries to his new position, ICNL completes a process of restructuring both board and staff assignments that was commenced in June 1998. At that time, ICNL created an expanded Supervisory Council and a streamlined Board of Directors to advance the aims of global representation and strengthened management. In January 1999 the Board initiated a restructuring of ICNL staff functions, with further fine-tuning completed at the June 1999 meeting. The restructuring is intended to clarify particular responsibilities as ICNL grows and becomes more diverse, now encompassing branch offices in Almaty, Kazakhstan; Budapest, Hungary; and Kiev, Ukraine, with affiliated organizations in England and South Africa.

At the Board level the restructuring includes the addition of a second Vice Chair position. The two initial Vice Chairs under this arrangement are Professor W. Cole Durham, Jr. (USA) and Mr. Joseph Baidoe-Ansah (Ghana). The Board also created two Vice President positions. The Vice President-Administration will have particular responsibility for personnel policy and administration, financial oversight, insurance, purchasing, leasing of space, and such other administrative responsibilities as may be required. The Vice President-Program will have particular responsibility for development, implementation, and monitoring of programs, and funder relations as required for sound program operation.

President Leon Irish continues as the Chief Executive Officer responsible for day-to-day operations, with particular responsibility for external relations with funders and other organizations with which ICNL is working. Executive Vice President Karla Simon will have particular responsibility for ICNL's education and research function, as well as ICNL's publications, such as the quarterly International Journal for Not-for-Profit Law, and its database project. Initial appointments to the new Vice President posts are Stephan Klingelhofer (Administration) and Douglas Rutzen (Program). The Senior Management Team consists of Dr. Irish, Prof. Simon, Messrs. Klingelhofer and Rutzen, and Finance Director Darla Mecham. Its members cooperate closely with respect to ICNL's day-to-day operations, reporting to the Board.

The current Board Committees and a new Strategic Planning Committee (chaired by Mr. Fries) will provide continuing assurance of Board engagement as the rapidly developing ICNL program moves into the new century. A full listing of the Board, Supervisory Council, staffs of ICNL and affiliated organizations, and consultants is attached.

The Board and Supervisory Council believe that this clarification of functions and responsibilities will assist in ensuring operational efficiency as well as effective Board oversight.

W. Cole Durham, Jr.
Outgoing Board and Surpervisory Chair

Richard Fries
Incoming Board and Surpervisory Council Chair