Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Grant to Support NGO Law Reform in Kosovo

10 April 2000

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (“ICNL”) is pleased to announce the award of a grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to implement Phase II of its project to help develop an appropriate legal and regulatory framework for NGOs in Kosovo. The grant is awarded for April 1, 2000 through March 31, 2001.

In October 1999, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation generously provided a grant to ICNL to carry out NGO legal reform activities in Kosovo. Under this grant, ICNL worked with the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (“UNMIK”) and the NGO community to draft a progressive NGO regulation, which was enacted in November 1999. Both the NGO community and UNMIK praised the regulation. Following enactment of the regulation, ICNL provided implementation assistance in the form of training for local NGOs in Prishtina and other cities.

In Phase II, ICNL will assist in the development and implementation of tax and fiscal regulations, which will help support the sustainability of the NGO sector. ICNL will also work with UNMIK to prepare administrative directions to implement the NGO regulation, and to assist on reporting, monitoring, and compliance issues. ICNL will continue to educate NGOs on opportunities and requirements presented by the new framework. Among other activities, ICNL will also support the creation of an NGO Law Center in cooperation with the Law Institute at the University of Pristina Faculty of Law.

ICNL is extremely pleased to have this opportunity to work with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to build the NGO regulatory framework for civil society in Kosovo.