2002 Annual Meeting Announcement

16 July 2002

At the June 7-8 Annual Conference of ICNL’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Council in Washington, Stephan Klingelhofer was appointed President , and the current Board officers were re-appointed to one year terms: Richard Fries (UK) – Chair, Joseph Baidoe-Ansah (Ghana) and Cole Durham (US) – Vice Chairs; Lindsay Driscoll (UK) – Secretary, and Arthur Drache (Canada) – Treasurer. Paul Nathanson, Professor of Law and Director of the Institute of Public Law at the University of New Mexico was appointed to the Board of Directors, replacing Scott Horton, whose term was completed.

The Board and Supervisory Council expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Leon Irish for his long service as first Chairman of the Board, as President, and as co-founder, with Prof. Karla Simon, as well as their confidence in the organizational strength and extraordinarily talented staff that would carry on ICNL’s mission in the future.