ICNL Elects Board and Advisory Council Members

13 July 2005

At ICNL's July 8-9, 2005 Annual Meeting in Washington DC, new Board and Advisory Council members were elected. Most notably, the six-year term of ICNL's Chair, Richard Fries, came to a close, and distinguished Canadian lawyer, Arthur Drache, was elected ICNL's Chair [bio]. Upon this transition, Mr. Fries remarked:

I am delighted to hand over the Chairmanship of ICNL to my distinguished colleague, Arthur Drache, and I am grateful to the Board for its support over the past six years. I was impressed by the range and strength of ICNL's programs and prospects presented at ICNL's Annual Meeting, and have every confidence in handing ICNL over to the impressively strong leadership of Douglas Rutzen as President, Stephan Klingelhofer as Senior Vice-President, and ICNL's remarkable staff.

Seconding these sentiments, the Board stated that "ICNL has never been in such robust health." Arthur Drache added, "I am humbled to follow in the footsteps of Richard Fries and can only promise to give my best efforts to the future growth and success of ICNL."

ICNL extends its gratitude and appreciation to Richard Fries for his leadership and vision in leading ICNL through the past six years, and for his promise to remain active as a continuing member of the Advisory Council.

Six new members to the Council were elected, each a renowned expert in the field:

  • Betsy Buchalter Adler (US)
  • Harvey Dale (US)
  • Emeka Iheme (Nigeria)
  • Howard Schoenfeld (US)
  • W. Rainer Walz (Germany)
  • W. Aubrey Webson (Antigua)

The following Council members were re-elected to three-year terms:

  • Gavin Andersson (Botswana/South Africa)
  • Ustun Erguder (Turkey)
  • Richard Fries (UK)
  • Robert Hayhoe (Canada)
  • Scott Horton (US)
  • Amani Kandil (Egypt)
  • Malcolm Lynch (UK)
  • Paul Nathanson (US)
  • Adriana Ruiz-Restrepo (Colombia)
  • Mary Yntema (US)