Draft Amendments on NGO Law in Macedonia Discussed

2 March 2005

On March 2, ICNL, the Ministry of Justice and the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation, organized a roundtable discussion on amendments to the Law on Citizens' Associations and Foundations. The roundtable event was opened by the Minister of Justice Ms. Meri Mladenovska-Gjorgievska, while the roundtable event was led by ICNL and the co-drafters of the law amendments Dr. Natasha Gaber-Damjanovska and Prof. Borce Davitkovski. Over 30 participants attended the roundtable, including representatives of the various Ministries, the Public Revenue Office and NGOs. The amendments aim to harmonize the legal system with European standards (e.g. allowing legal entities and foreigners to form associations, improves governance of NGOs). It would also support NGO sustainability and impact by introducing the concept of public benefit status, removing the prohibition on economic activities, and bolstering advocacy activities. The roundtable event provoked a vibrant discussion over all amendments, focusing mostly on the issue of economic activities and public benefit status.

Download the amendments (Macedonian)