Mapping Initiatives to Address Legal Constraints on Foreign Funding

20 August 2014



Since January 2012, more than 50 countries have introduced or enacted legislation constraining civil society. An increasingly common constraint relates to the ability of CSOs to access international assistance. In response, civil society and the international community have undertaken a number of initiatives to address this troubling trend.

Delivering on a commitment made at a 2013 UN General Assembly side event, ICNL prepared a briefing paper that: (1) provides an overview of existing responses, and (2) presents concrete recommendations to private donors on how they can effectively create a more enabling environment for cross-border philanthropy and international assistance.

Access the briefing paper and appendices at the links below:

Briefing Paper: A Mapping of Existing Initiatives to Address Legal Constraints on Foreign Funding of Civil Society
Appendix A: Foreign Funding Restrictions
Appendix B: Impact of Funding Restrictions
Appendix C: Transnational Research
Appendix D: Success Stories