ICNL’s Nigeria Philanthropy Law Report presents timely information on Nigeria's laws and regulations affecting philanthropy. To read the full report, please click on the link below.  
  Explore our collection of visual materials published in August 2018 to provide further background and context about philanthropy and civil society in Nigeria:  

FAQ: Nigeria’s Tax Law for NGOs


Factsheet: NGO bills proposed between 2015-17


Infographic: Government
supervision of NGOs

How do Nigeria’s tax laws apply to non-governmental organizations? Our FAQ explains.   Between 2015-17, legislators proposed a total of five bills to regulate philanthropy and civil society in Nigeria. Our factsheet breaks them down.   Four government agencies supervise NGOs in Nigeria. Learn what each of them do.



Infographic: Laws affecting philanthropic giving



    A summary of 10 key laws that impact philanthropic giving in Nigeria.