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Volume 4, Issue 1, September 2001

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Letter from the Editor

Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility in Latin America

La Filantropia Empresarial: Un Deber Moral, Social y Legal
por Antonio L. Itriago Machado y Miguel Angel Itriago Machado

Conference Report on the "Simposio de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en Las Américas"

Corporate Social Responsibility Conference

Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility

New Web Site to Encourage Social Responsibility


Trends in Self-Regulation and Transparency of Non-Profit Organization in the U.S.
By Robert O. Bothwell

ICNL'S Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe: One Year Later
By Radost Toftisova

An Overview of Issues in Charity Litigation in Malaysia 2001
By Mary George

Charity, Politics and the Human Rights Act 1998: Chasing a Red Herring?
By Graham Moffat

Case Notes

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Latin America:
The Bahamas

Middle East and North Africa:

North America:
The United States

Western Europe:
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Country Reports

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Central and Eastern Europe:
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Latin America and the Caribbean:
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North America:

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Western Europe:
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The London School of Economics Conference | The United Nations Global Compact

Self-Regulation Reports

The Humanitarian Accountability Project

New Publication on Transparency and Accountability

Tazania's First National NGO Forum Disucsses a Draft Code of Conduct

The United Kingdom:
Reports on Developments with Respect to Self-Regulation in the UK


Charity Law Matters
By Ronan Cormacain, Kerry O'Halloran, Arthur Williamson
Reviewed by Karla Simon


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Editorial Board

Special Feature: Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility in Latin America

Brazil: Corporate Social Responsibility Conference* 

On June 5-8, 2001, an international conference on corporate social responsibility took place in São Paulo Brazil, under the sponsorship of the Ethos Institute.  The Institute, which was formed in 1998 under the leadership of Oded Grajew, has 422 members, including such large international corporations as Volkswagen and Philips, sponsored two previous conferences on the same topic in 1999 and 2000.  This year’s conference included a speech by Simon Zadek of the British Institute on Social and Ethical Accountability (www.accountability.org.uk), who discussed ways of measuring effectiveness of social responsibility projects.  One of the working groups reported on the issue of workplace volunteerism and reported that 5.7 percent of Nestle Brazil’s workers participate in a program to promote healthy lifestyles.  In addition, IBM has developed a “virtual volunteer” project with the University of São Paulo.  For further information on this year’s conference, please go to the Ethos website at www.ethos.org.br.

* We are grateful to Christiane Biedermann, a member of the H-Dritter Sektor network in which ICNL participates, and who provided some of the information in this report.  Ms. Biedermann is working on an multi-national effort to build volunteer programs and she is based in Brazil.


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