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Volume 4, Issue 1, September 2001

A publication of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor

Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility in Latin America

La Filantropia Empresarial: Un Deber Moral, Social y Legal
por Antonio L. Itriago Machado y Miguel Angel Itriago Machado

Conference Report on the "Simposio de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en Las Américas"

Corporate Social Responsibility Conference

Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility

New Web Site to Encourage Social Responsibility


Trends in Self-Regulation and Transparency of Non-Profit Organization in the U.S.
By Robert O. Bothwell

ICNL'S Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe: One Year Later
By Radost Toftisova

An Overview of Issues in Charity Litigation in Malaysia 2001
By Mary George

Charity, Politics and the Human Rights Act 1998: Chasing a Red Herring?
By Graham Moffat

Case Notes

Asia Pacific:

Central and Eastern Europe:

Latin America:
The Bahamas

Middle East and North Africa:

North America:
The United States

Western Europe:
The Netherlands
| Switzerland | Turkey

Country Reports

Asia Pacific:
| Australia | Cambodia | East Timor | Indonesia | Malaysia | New Zealand

Central and Eastern Europe:
Regional | Albania | Croatia | Hungary | Romania

Latin America and the Caribbean:
Regional | Argentina | Bermuda | Chile | Guatemala | Saint Lucia

Middle East and North Africa:
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Newly Independent States:
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North America:

South Asia:

Sub-Saharan Africa:
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Western Europe:
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The London School of Economics Conference | The United Nations Global Compact

Self-Regulation Reports

The Humanitarian Accountability Project

New Publication on Transparency and Accountability

Tazania's First National NGO Forum Disucsses a Draft Code of Conduct

The United Kingdom:
Reports on Developments with Respect to Self-Regulation in the UK


Charity Law Matters
By Ronan Cormacain, Kerry O'Halloran, Arthur Williamson
Reviewed by Karla Simon


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Editorial Board

Self-Regulation Reports

Our Associate General Editor, Paul Bater,* reports on the following developments with respect to self-regulation in the UK:

  1. The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) has published a report on its project “Social Auditing with Voluntary Organisations”.  The report suggests that a social audit improves the quality of the relationship between a voluntary organisation and its stakeholders, helps to demonstrate the values and objectives of the organization, and can be integrated into the organisation’s existing management processes for measuring results.  (“Charitable trust ?”, ACEVO, November 2000)
  2. A group of some 50 leading charities have set up a working party to improve current codes of conduct on street fundraising and to establish an independent body to monitor public fundraising activities.  It is intended that the new body, which will include representatives of the Charity Commission, Home Office, local authorities, professional fundraisers and charities, will receive government funding initially but will subsequently be financed by a small levy on public collections.  The body is seen as filling a gap in the existing charity law as a result of a failure to regulate public collections, Part III of the Charities Act 1993 never having been brought into force.  (Third Sector, 30 November 2000)

* Paul Bater is an international tax attorney working with the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation in Amsterdam.  His specialty is the law affecting not-for-profit organizations.  He can be reached at paulbater@eudoramail.com.


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