Dima Jweihan

Executive Director - Middle East & North Africa Regional Office


Dima Jweihan is the Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa regional office of the International Center for Not for-Profit Law in Amman, Jordan. Since she joined ICNL, Dima has been engaged in a number of civil society law reform initiatives in the region, including the reform initiative that led to the adoption of the Decree on Associations No. 88 of 2011; one of the most progressive CSO law in the region. She also works on providing technical assistance to CSOs and public officials, and producing legal research on issues related to civic space. Since she joined ICNL, Dima’s work covered, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.

For Dima, ICNL work in MENA is a persistent mission by making civic freedoms and enabling environment for CSOs relevant and possible in a difficult political context, and observing local partners as they become local experts and advocates for CSO freedoms is always rewarding. Dima enjoys working with people to make a change, and by interacting with donors, CSOs, public officials, colleagues and other stakeholders, she is always fascinated by the triumphs individuals make when they are empowered to work together to improve their everyday lives, which is the core mission of ICNL.

Dima is a graduate of the London School of Economics & Political Sciences, where she specialized in Regulations and Public Policy. Dima received her LLB from the University of Jordan, and is a member in the Jordan Bar Association. Prior to joining ICNL, Dima worked as consultant for the USAID’s media strengthening program implemented by IREX-Jordan, the Jordan Media Institute, and the King Hussein Information and Research Center. Before that she worked as an attorney for a number of law firms in Jordan.