Lisa Vermeer

Digital Policy Advisor - ICNL LLC

Lisa Vermeer works as a Digital Policy Advisor, where she will be advancing the ICNL Alliance’s work on the impact of digital technology on civil society, philanthropy, and public participation.

Prior to joining the ICNL Alliance, Lisa served as Senior Policy Officer at the Netherlands’ Foreign Ministry where she shaped Dutch policy to advance human rights on the internet. She also led the Netherlands’ foreign policy approach to online disinformation. Lisa has worked with many stakeholders in the digital domain including civil society, the private sector, and the tech community. She engaged in several multilateral initiatives, including the Freedom Online Coalition. Before serving as a senior policy officer, Lisa worked in the House of Representatives of the Netherlands as an advisor on issues relating to EU Justice and Home Affairs. In this role, she assessed the impact of EU legislation, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, on Dutch society.