Mohammed Al Nasser

Legal Advisor

Mohammed Al Nasser is a Legal Advisor for the Middle East and North Africa region. Mr. Al Nasser provides technical support and analyses of draft legislation related to the freedoms of association, assembly, expression, and the right to public participation. Mr. Al Nasser works closely with ICNL’s regional partners and subgrantees throughout the region, and helps lead our work in Jordan, Yemen, and Iraq. In addition, he provides advice and technical assistance to coalitions of likeminded government allies, civil society organizations, movements, and individuals critical to achieving ICNL’s mission.

Prior to joining ICNL, Mr. Al Nasser worked for more than 15 years in human rights, development aid, and social justice. Mr. Al Nasser worked on several national, regional, and international legal projects, including complex regions and sensitive topics, with many regional and international organizations to fight stigma and discrimination. He started his initiative “HIV & LAW.” Later, he established the “WE ACCEPT” Campaign. He was a member of Bader fellows (IYF), Youth Leaders’ Visitors’ Program (YLVP 2013) by Swedish institute, a regional expert in different projects with IDLO, and a member in the MENA-CAB Steering committee for medication and human rights.

Mr. Al Nasser earned a master’s degree in journalism and new media from Jordan Media institute (University of Jordan) and a master’s degree in intellectual property from the German Jordan University. He is a graduate of Al-Ahliyya Amman University (B.A. in Law) he has been a member of the Bar Association of Jordanian Lawyers since 2007. Mr. Al Nasser has a working fluency in both Arabic and English.