Chrystie Swiney

Washington, D.C. (ICNL Headquarters)

Chrystie Swiney, a scholar and lawyer, writes, edits and oversees ICNL’s quarterly publication, Global Trends in NGO Law, in addition to contributing research and writing to other ICNL projects.

Prior to working with ICNL, Chrystie served as Assistant Director and Special Counsel to Constitutional and Legislative Affairs for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, where she worked directly with Iraqi parliamentarians and other government officials on constitutional reform and legislative proposals.  She also worked as Counsel for The Constitution Project’s Task Force on Detainee Treatment, where she contributed to a groundbreaking report on the U.S. Government’s treatment of national security detainees in the post-September 11th era. 

Chrystie teaches courses on Islam for the College of William and Mary as a Visiting scholar, and routinely publishes articles, and performs writing and research assignments, for Oxford Islamic Studies Online, a subsidiary of Oxford University Press. She is a published author, and has traveled and lived throughout the Middle East.

Chrystie holds a BA from the College of William and Mary, a JD from Harvard Law School, a MPhil from Oxford University in Modern Middle Eastern Studies, and a MA from Georgetown University in International Relations.  

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