Washington, D.C. Headquarters

The ICNL Alliance includes ICNL and ICNL LLC offices and affiliated institutions. To view the Staff list for our offices, including biographical and contact information, please select from the links on the left.

1126 16th Street NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036 USA
Phone +1 202-452-8600
Fax +1 202-452-8555

Name Position
Douglas Rutzen President
Nilda Bullain Vice President - Operations
Catherine Shea Vice President - Programs
Natalia Bourjaily Vice President - Eurasia
David Moore Vice President - Legal Affairs
Darla Mecham Vice President - Finance
Jocelyn Nieva Senior Legal Advisor - Latin America and the Caribbean
Kristen McGeeney Senior Legal Advisor - Middle East / North Africa
Claudia Guadamuz Legal Advisor - Latin America
Elly Page Legal Advisor
Nicholas Miller Legal Advisor
Nikhil Dutta Legal Advisor
Zach Lampell Legal Advisor
Nick Robinson Legal Advisor
Irene Petras Legal Advisor - Africa
Aloys Habimana Legal Advisor - Africa
Florence Nakazibwe Legal Advisor - Africa
Margaret Scotti Legal Advisor
Kate Barth Legal Advisor
Julie Hunter Legal Advisor - Asia
Rebecca Vernon Legal Advisor
Lily Liu Legal Associate
Ona Flores Civic Freedoms Research Advisor
Lisa Vermeer Digital Policy Advisor
Jennifer Stuart Program Manager
Alexandra DeBlock Research Officer
Adrian Sawczyn Program Coordinator - Eurasia
Kristian Kopp Program Assistant
Anna Santiago Program Assistant
Brandon Hughes Administrative Assistant
Emily Stanton Honstein Communications Manager
Sylvia Staggs Office Manager
Marina Korsakova Controller
Aygul Minigalina Budget Officer
Maryna Wright Senior Accountant
Naila Aghabayli Program Financial Analyst


Name Position
Stephan Klingelhofer Consulting Counsel
Mark Sidel Consultant
Chrystie Swiney Consultant