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Time for a Course Correction on Counterterrorism and Civic Space

This Just Security article, written by ICNL’s Senior Legal Advisor, Nicholas Miller, and ECNL’s Executive Director, Katerina Hadzi-Miceva Evans, lays out how and why the UN’s counterterrorism system must change. They argue the first steps must include creation of greater room for civil society participation in counterterrorism policymaking and a recognition by the UN and its member states that the UN counterterrorism system has the potential to cause human rights harms.

The Human Rights Implications of Nigeria’s Twitter Ban

On June 4, 2021, Nigeria’s government suspended Twitter. While it is unclear which law the suspension stems from; nonetheless, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice have threatened to prosecute offenders who violate the directive. These developments raise several concerns from a human rights standpoint. This ICNL briefer explores these issues, looking at regional and international laws and best practices.

Seven Restrictive Measures to Watch in Belarus

Recently, Belarus’s parliament adopted or is considering adopting seven laws restricting basic human rights. According to local experts, these laws are designed to suppress protest activities. ICNL and local partners have produced briefs that review key restrictions in the seven draft and enacted legislative amendments.

FARA’s Double Life Abroad

Around the world, governments are constraining civil society and dissent. A common tactic of these governments is to enact legislation targeting civil society groups that receive international funding.

Young Environmental Defenders and their Rights

Standards That Protect Environmental Youth ActivismPublished: May 2021 This briefer from the Expert Council on NGO Law in collaboration with ECNL outlines states obligations for [...]

Civic Space after COVID

On May 24th 2021, ICNL and Sida are hosting a high-level virtual conversation on emergency measures, fundamental freedoms, and revitalizing civic space in the wake of COVID-19.

Requirements for Recipients of Foreign Funds in the Republic of Kazakhstan

This analysis reviews the key provisions of Kazakhstan’s 2016 Law on Payments that have affected non-commercial organizations (NCOs), including the introduction of reporting requirements for foreign funds and liabilities for violating these requirements. The analysis compares the Law on Payments with international law and international best practices, followed with recommendations on how to improve such provisions.