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Civil Disobedience: Implications for Myanmar

Published: March 2021 Myanmar’s growing civil disobedience movement has garnered global attention for its use of non-violent tactics to oppose the military’s February 2021 coup. [...]

Responding to the Disinformation Dilemma

While disinformation is not a new problem, the digital age has created new threats. This ICNL policy prospectus examines measures that can address the evolving challenges of disinformation while protecting the freedom of expression.

E-Consultation Mechanisms in Legislative and Regulatory Decision-Making

The COVID-19 epidemic has necessitated a shift to remote operations across society, from workplaces to schools to holiday celebrations, and government operations are no exception. The shift to remote operations, however, can restrict opportunities for in-person public participation in policy development and implementation.

Terrorism Financing Risk in Nonprofit Organizations in Latin America

This ICNL Spanish-language publication is based on survey responses submitted by 729 NPO sector representatives from 17 participating countries. The report presents an in-depth analysis of survey findings, as well as recommended reforms that can be implemented through collaboration among civil society organizations, government agencies, regional FATF bodies, and international experts.