2000 News Archive

28 December 2000: Salvation Army Re-Registration Case
The Moscow City Court dismissed the cassation filed by the Salvation Army Moscow branch. Vladimir Ryakhovsky of the Slavic Center for Law and Justice believes that thus a dangerous precedent was created that may be used to challenge the registration of many other organizations having centers abroad.

27 December 2000: Bulgarian Non-Profit Legal Entities Act
Transcript of the Bulgarian Non-Profit Legal Entitles Act.

29 November 2000: ICNL’s Internet Services and Publications Project Receives Two New Grants
ICNL is pleased to announce that it has received two new grants from the Rockefeller Foundation and the GE Fund. These grants are intended to further the development of its Documentation Center and Online Library and its ongoing updating and publishing endeavors, including the International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law.

13 November 2000: Ukrainian Parliament Passes Bill on Non-Entrepreneurial Organizations
The Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine) adopted the bill on Non-Entrepreneurial Organizations at the first reading by a vote of 242 to 208.

21 September 2000: New NGO Law Enacted in Bulgaria
ICNL is pleased to report that the National Assembly of Bulgaria has enacted a new Law on Legal Persons with Non-Profit Purposes, which will govern the establishment of legal status of non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria.

26 July 2000: Ukraine NGO Legislation in Civil Code Passes Second Reading
The Verkhovna Rada adopted the Civil Code in the second reading. The adopted text contains provisions on non-entrepreneurial organizations that conform to the best practices of NGO regulation and establish a basis for comprehensive structuring of the Ukrainian NGO legislation.

26 June 2000: Highlights from ICNL's Annual Meeting
The Supervisory Council and Board of Directors noted that ICNL has diversified its funding sources to more than twenty public and private donors. ICNL’s activities have expanded both geographically and substantively.

10 May 2000: United States International Grantmaking Unveils New Web Site
The Council on Foundations, in conjunction with ICNL, the American Express Company, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new website to support international grantmaking: www.usig.org.

9 May 2000: UNMIK Issues Kosovar Administrative Directive Implementing NGO Regulation
Bernard Kouchner, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Kosovo signed Administrative Direction No. 2000/10 implementing UNMIK Regulation No. 1999/22 on the Registration and Operation of Non-Governmental Organizations in Kosovo. This is an important step forward in developing an appropriate legal and regulatory framework for NGOs in Kosovo.

10 April 2000: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Grant to Support NGO Law Reform in Kosovo
ICNL is pleased to announce the award of a grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to implement Phase II of its project to help develop an appropriate legal and regulatory framework for NGOs in Kosovo.

11 February 2000: ICNL Database Project Begins the New Millennium With a Wide Range of Support
ICNL has assembled a database consisting of a unique collection of framework and tax legislation, ancillary legislation, regulations, country reports, self-governance codes and codes of conduct, fiduciary and accounting standards, and other pertinent information on the legal environment within which NGOs operate in countries around the world. The collection contains information from over 115 countries, some 2500 documents in all.

14 January 2000: Kazakhstan Enacts Far Reaching Tax Benefits for NGOs
Through various seminars, discussions with governmental partners and presentations in parliamentary conferences, ICNL has pointed out several ambiguities in the Tax Code.

6 January 2000: Himalayan Foundation Publishes Chinese Version of the World Bank Handbook
At a seminar in Taiwan, the Himalayan Foundation proudly presented a Chinese translation of the World Bank Handbook on Good Practices for Laws Relating to Non-Governmental Organizations.