2002 News Archive

31 December 2002: Estonian Compact Approved
On December 12, 2002, the Estonian Parliament unanimously approved the Estonian Concept for Civil Society Development.

4 December 2002: Dr. Saad Ibrahim Conviction Overturned
Charges against Dr. Ibrahim included what the trial court termed his propagation of “false statements and biased rumors concerning some internal affairs in the country that could weaken the standing of the state” through his writings on behalf of freedom and civil society in the context of a democratic state.

29 October 2002: Bosnia and Herzegovina Enacts New Law on Associations and Foundations
The new Law is a result of collaborative efforts that included government officials, USAID, the Office of the High Representative, and domestic and foreign NGOs active in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

30 September 2002: Analysis of the 2002 Belarusian Draft Law on Religion
The Draft Law significantly increases the obstacles many religious groups face in obtaining legal entity status.

23 September 2002: First Citizen-Initiated Public Participation Regulation Adopted in Kosovo
The Municipal Assembly in Gjakova, Kosovo, recently adopted Kosovo’s first citizen-initiated public participation regulation. Its passage was the culmination of a months-long advocacy effort by local NGO leaders to ensure effective exercise of the public’s rights to attend Assembly meetings and inspect municipal documents.

11 September 2002: Jordan's Prime Minister Proposes Oppressive Law for Voluntary Organizations
Sources in Jordan have sent an alert to the world civil society community that the legislative bureau of the Jordanian Prime Minster’s Office is drafting a measure to control numerous organizations registered with the Ministry of Social Development.

2 August 2002: Dr. Saad Ibrahim Sentenced to 7 Years Imprisonment
ICNL’s Founders and Staff wish to express their concern about and condemnation of the re-conviction on Monday July 25 of noted sociologist and civil society activist Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim by a military court in Egypt.

22 July 2002: New Legislation Involving Tax Designation Rules in CEE
In both Lithuania and Slovakia the parliaments have recently adopted changes in legislation permitting taxpayers to designate a portion of their taxes to be paid over to not-for-profit organizations.

16 July 2002: 2002 Annual Meeting Announcement
At the June 7-8 Annual Conference of ICNL’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Council in Washington, Stephan Klingelhofer was appointed President , and the current Board officers were re-appointed to one year terms.

6 June 2002: Open Letter to the President of the United States
We applaud the commitment you expressed in your recent West Point graduation speech to defend human rights throughout the world, and particularly in the Islamic world.

25 May 2002: Advocacy Campaign Against Government Resolution No. 20
Immediately after this Resolution came into effect the Parliament’s Committee for Public Associations and Information Policies warned the public and the international community about the danger of the Resolution and protested against it.

13 May 2002: ICNL Hires New Program Director for Central Asia
The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law is pleased to announce that Kevin T. Borrup has been hired to serve as our new Program Director for Central Asia based in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

1 May 2002: ICNL Hires New Legal Advisor for Central and Eastern Europe
The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law is pleased to announce that Amy Horton has been hired to serve as our new Legal Advisor in Washington, DC.

15 April 2002: Adoption of the Law on Public Organizations in Armenia
On December 4, 2001 the National Assembly adopted a progressive Law on Public Organizations Law (the Law). While the Law is still not perfect, it significantly improves legal environment for NGOs in comparing with the previous Law on Public Associations.

15 March 2002: Polish Supreme Court Reverses Ruling in Foundation for Polish Science Case
On Wednesday, March 13, 2002 Poland's Supreme Court reversed a ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court which required that monies invested by foundations in securities be subject to corporate income tax.

6 March 2002: ICNL Hires New Legal Counsel for NIS
The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law is pleased to announce that as of February 1, 2002, Pavel Smiltneks has been hired as Legal Counsel for NIS countries in its Washington, D.C. office.

16 January 2002: Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina Enacts a New Law on Associations and Foundations
The Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) passed a new Law on Associations and Foundations (Official Gazette No. 32 of December 28, 2001), which, for the first time, allows NGOs to register at the state level.

15 January 2002: ICNL Announces Staffing Changes