2003 News Archive

25 November 2003: Latvia Adopts New Law on Associations and Foundations
The Latvian Saeima (Parliament) has passed, and the President has endorsed, the Law on Associations and Foundations. This law can be regarded as a new constitution for NGO s in Latvia.

14 November 2003: Commentary on New Law on Public Associations in Turkmenistan
This new law represents a step backward in the legal framework for civil society of Turkmenistan. In our comments we summarize the negative provisions in this law and their practical effect on civil society.

6 November 2003: Slovakia Tax Code Changes Affect NGOs
According to the new tax code adopted on October 28, 2003, Slovakia introduced a flat tax rate of 19% for individual and company tax as of 2004.

27 October 2003: Croatia Enacts National Foundation for Civil Society Development Law
The enactment of the Law marks a critical step forward for the development of civil society and the financial sustainability of non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations (NGOs) in Croatia.

15 September 2003: IJNL - A New Format and a New Direction
ICNL is pleased to announce publication of the fifth-anniversary issue of the International Journal for Not-for-Profit Law.

6 August 2003: Reform Plan for Public Interest Juridical Persons in Japan
The Administrative Reform Promotion Office of Cabinet Secretariat pointed out the need for a sweeping reform of the system of public benefit juristic persons in April 2001, and the government is now pursuing studies on reforming the system.

9 July 2003: Croatia Enacts new Law on Humanitarian Assistance
The new Law provides for a more comprehensive definition of humanitarian assistance and permits all recognized forms of NGOs in Croatia -- and not only associations -- to deliver humanitarian assistance.

8 July 2003: European Center for Not-for-Profit Law Registered
ECNL is dedicated to promoting the strengthening of a supportive legal environment for civil society in Europe, by developing expertise and building capacity on legal issues affecting not-for-profit organizations and public participation.

7 July 2003: Hungary adopts the Law on the National Civil Fund
The law establishes the National Civil Fund, an instrument designed to help provide institutional support to Hungarian NGOs.

11 June 2003: Michael Edwards of the Ford Foundation Addresses ICNL at their Annual Meeting
Members of ICNL’s Board, Advisory Council, staff, and friends attending the Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., received a challenge in the keynote address by Michael Edwards.

15 May 2003: NGOs Critical to the Rebuilding of Afghanistan
Much of the humanitarian and development aid flowing to Afghanistan is being and will be implemented through international and Afghan NGOs.

9 May 2003: Poland Adopts New Law on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteerism
According to Polish NGOs and lawmakers, it is to be seen as an “NGO sector Constitution,” which regulates relationships between the public sector and the Third sector.

7 April 2003: Legal Developments in Central Asia
The Government of Kazakhstan approved the State Program of Government Support of NGOs. This program has the status of the legislative act, and authorizes specified government branches to work on creation of conditions for sustainable development of NGOs, as a part of civil society and to strengthen their role in resolving socially important problems based on cooperation with and support from the Government.

7 March 2003: Spain: Law on New Non-Profit Organization Tax Regime Enters Into Force
The new regime abolishes Law 30/1994 of 24 November 1994 (see TNS-42 (1995)) and generally applies from 1 January 2003.

5 March 2003: Bulgaria Adopts Amendments to Social Assistance Act
The amendments have transformed the Act into a more progressive and enabling law, which promotes social assistance through the joint activity of all sectors, including the not-for-profit sector.