2006 News Archive

21 December 2006: Update on FCMC Bill in India
In November 2006, the Union Cabinet approved the revised Foreign Contribution Management and Control (FCMC) Bill that seeks to regulate non-government organizations (NGOs) and other organizations which receive foreign funding.

14 December 2006: State Department Issues NGO Principles
On December 14, 2006, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced ten Guiding Principles on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

8 December 2006: Changes to Peru’s International Cooperation Legal Framework Raise International and Comparative Law Issues
The Peruvian Government passed amendments to the NGO law in December 2006.

29 November 2006: Court Strikes Down U.S. Executive Order
On November 21, 2006, U.S. District Judge Audrey Collins struck down portions of Executive Order 13224, which enabled the President to designate certain groups as terrorist organizations.

5 October 2006: Freedom of Association Reaffirmed by European Court of Human Rights
On October 5, 2006, the European Court of Human Rights issued its judgment in the Case of the Moscow Branch of the Salvation Army v. Russia.

4 October 2006: Dr. Darya Miloslavskaya Appointed Program Director of Russian NGO Legal Support Program
The ICNL Alliance welcomes Darya Miloslavskaya, Ph.D., as Program Director for the Russian Civil Society Legal Support Program.

21 September 2006: ICNL Participates in United Nations General Assembly Democracy Roundtable
ICNL had the distinct honor of making an introductory presentation on the global context of democracy to 23 heads of state and other NGO respresentatives at a United Nations General Assembly roundtable on September 19, 2006.

18 September 2006: ICNL Testifies Before the European Parliament
On September 11, 2006, ICNL appeared before the European Parliament, Subcommittee on Human Rights, to present testimony on ICNL’s research on democratic backsliding in civil society and responsive strategies.

5 September 2006: ICNL's Research Featured in September 2006 Issue of Alliance Newsletter
In September 2006 Douglas Rutzen and Catherine Shea published an article on the "Associational Revolution" in Alliance.

20 July 2006: ICNL Representatives Participate in Civil G8 Summit in Moscow
ICNL's Board of Directors' Chair, Arthur Drache, and other ICNL representatives participated in The International Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations “Civil G8-2006” in Moscow on July 3-4th, 2006.

17 July 2006: Penn Law Appoints Douglas Rutzen as Adjunct Professor
As part of a strategic collaboration between ICNL and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Douglas Rutzen, President of ICNL, has been appointed an Adjunct Professor. Together with Assistant Dean Adam Kolker, he will develop an innovative cross-disciplinary course on current topics in international civil society law.

14 July 2006: ICNL Introduces New NGO Law Textbook and Course in Kyrgyzstan
The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law published an NGO Law Textbook to provide support for the NGO Law courses currently being taught in six universities in Kyrgyzstan.

13 July 2006: Council on Foundations Awards USIG Contract to ICNL
The Council on Foundations announced that it has awarded ICNL with a contract to continue updating the Country Information Section of the United States International Grantmaking (USIG) Project.

10 July 2006: Zimbabwean Statement at Inaugural Session of the Human Rights Council
The Minister of Justice, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs of Zimbabwe addressed the Human Rights Council's Inaugural Session.

9 July 2006: ICNL's July 2006 Conference on Civil Society Law in Beirut, Lebanon
The ICNL conference brought together several dozen leading lawyers, academics and civil society activists from throughout the Arab world to consider critical issues relating to the role of laws governing civil society in promoting a stronger civil society in the Middle East.

6 July 2006: Pioneering ICNL Efforts in Afghanistan
In the first half of 2006 ICNL hosted a Nationally Televised Civil Society Roundtable and conducted surveys and trainings, bringing together the NGO community, government officials and society-at-large.

20 June 2006: ICNL’s South Pacific Project Works with Local Partners to Reform CSO Legal Environment
ICNL has initiated a three-year project in Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and Samoa under the funding of NZAID, and in partnership with international and local organizations.

2 June 2006: ICNL Serving as Link Between US Congress and International Civil Society
ICNL hosted a forum on "Civil Society in the Middle East: Trends Opportunities, and Obstacles." In the first half of 2006 ICNL’s landmark work has appeared before the United States Congress on three occasions.

17 May 2006: ICNL Fellows Discuss Civil Society in the Middle East
The forum featured presentations by two of ICNL's Senior Middle East Associative Rights Fellows, Ziad Abdel Samad and Mohamed Elagati, and was held at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

5 May 2006: ICNL Participates in CSO Conference in Venezuela
ICNL Advisory Council Member Adriana Restrepo gave a presentation at the the "Forum on CSO Regulation and International Cooperation" in Caracas, Venezuela.

11 April 2006: Evaluation of ICNL Programs in Central and Eastern Europe
USAID conducted an evaluation of ICNL’s activities in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) over the past 11 years. The report is overwhelmingly positive and contains significant recommendations for ICNL’s continued work in the region.

10 April 2006: ICNL Releases Quarterly Report on Activities Throughout the World
ICNL is pleased to release to the public our quarterly report detailing a number of our activities throughout the world.

30 March 2006: Moldovan Decree Limits Foreign Funding of NGOs
On March 7 the President of the Transdnestrie Moldovan Republic had signed the Decree which prohibits foreign funding of NGOs registered in Transdnestrie Moldovan Republic.

25 March 2006: ICNL Hosts Forum on Not-for-Profit Law in Honduras
On Wednesday and Thursday, March 22nd and 23rd, ICNL and our local partner in Honduras, FOPRIDEH, co-hosted Honduras’ first-ever Forum on Not-for-Profit Law.

14 March 2006: Draconian NGO Bill Passed in Sudan
The law regulating the activities of civil society organisations, 'The Organisation of Humanitarian and Voluntary Work Bill 2006' reportedly imposes restrictions on the work of NGOs operating in Sudan, and grants discretionary regulatory power to the government over the operations of NGOs.

10 March 2006: USAID Releases Activity Brief on ICNL's Work in Eastern Europe
USAID has supported ICNL throughout Eastern Europe to establish a legal framework where NGOs could operate freely, and private philanthropy could grow.

28 February 2006: Analysis of Russian NGO Law
ICNL has completed a comprehensive analysis of the effect this law will have on Russian and international non-governmental organizations. The analysis is available in English and Russian

10 February 2006: ICNL Testifies Before US Helsinki Commission
On February 8, 2006, ICNL testified before the US Helsinki Commission to address the current issues with the NGO law in Russia.

19 January 2006: Russian President Vladimir Putin Signs New NGO Law
On January 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Law “On Introducing Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation.” In addition, the statute of the new law is available from ICNL in English and Russian.

18 January 2006: Amendments to Uzbekistan Administrative and Criminal Codes Violate Citizens' Rights
Several provisions of the new law violate citizens' rights to association, expression, peaceful assembly, and freedom of thought. The statute of the new law is available from ICNL in English and Russian.

17 January 2006: State Registration Fees Reduced in Kazakhstan
The government of Kazakhstan recently issued a decree that reduced the state registration fee for all legal entities, including NGOs.