2008 News Archive

18 November 2008: Africa Commission on Human Rights endorses Defending Civil Society report
Click to see the draft Law in English and Arabic.

3 November 2008: ICNL's 2007-2008 Annual Report
View the Annual Report in pdf to learn about ICNL's activities around the world.

3 October 2008: International Workshop on Teaching NGO Law in Kiev, Ukraine
ICNL conducted an International Workshop on Teaching NGO Law from September 12-14, 2008 in Kiev, Ukraine.

17 September 2008: Impact of the war on terror on charitable activities
On September 15, the Global Nonprofit Information Network (GNIN) issued a series of fact sheets documenting how the war on terror hampers charitable activities.

12 September 2008: New charity department established in China
A new department to foster charity and social welfare has been established under the auspices of the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs.

3 September 2008: ICNL hosts Global Research Fellows
ICNL recently organized a global fellowship program to promote research on the legal framework for civil society. Three distinguished scholars joined ICNL in Washington, DC for several weeks to conduct research on the legal framework in their respective countries.

25 August 2008: ICNL-supported Afghan film "Bulbul and Civil Society"
ICNL and Counterpart, through the Initiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society, are pleased to present their popular film, Bulbul and Civil Society.

23 July 2008: New Law on Societies in Jordan awaiting signature
Click to see the draft Law in English and Arabic.

8 July 2008: The Parliament of Uzbekistan establishes a public fund to support NGOs
Click to see the Parliament's Resolution in English and Russian.

3 April 2008: Proposed amendment to the definition of 'charitable pupose' in India
The Finance Minister has sought to amend the Income Tax Act to provide that 'advancement of any other object of general public utility' will not be considered as 'charitable purpose' if it involves carrying on of any activity in the nature of trade.

24 March 2008: Brussels conference on Defending Civil Society
In association with the European Parliament’s Democracy Caucus, the World Movement for Democracy hosted a conference on March 5, 2008 in Brussels on Resisting the Backlash, Asserting the Democratic Imperative.

21 March 2008: Defending Civil Society Report now available
Vaclav Havel, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, and other international civil society leaders endorse report authored by ICNL and the World Movement for Democracy.

1 February 2008: ICNL partnering with University of Pennsylvania Law School
Doug Rutzen has been invited to teach international and comparative civil society law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School this semester. Doug will again be co-teaching with Assistant Dean Adam Kolker for the cross-disciplinary course.

31 January 2008: Charity Commission issues Public Benefit Guidelines
The Charity Commission for England and Wales has issued its general guidance on public benefit.

29 January 2008: Tajikistan proposes "About Freedom of Conscience and Religious Unions" draft law
The Republic of Tajikistan has proposed a new draft law "About Freedom of Conscience and Religious Unions." ICNL prepared an analysis to assist the drafters and stakeholders bring the law into international and domestic compliance.