2009 News Archive

19 November 2009: ICNL releases Mexican fellow's papers
ICNL is happy to announce the release of an informative study authored by a USAID-sponsored ICNL senior research fellow from Mexico, Ireri Ablanedo Terrazas

10 November 2009: ICNL releases Paraguayan fellow's papers
ICNL is happy to announce the release of an informative study authored by a USAID-sponsored ICNL senior research fellow from Paraguay, Ezequiel Santagada.

23 October 2009:ICNL introduces the Civic Freedom Monitor
Thanks to the generous support of the MacArthur Foundation, ICNL is pleased to introduce the Civic Freedom Monitor.

24 September 2009: ICNL releases Kenyan fellows' papers
ICNL is happy to announce the release of informative papers authored by two USAID-sponsored ICNL senior research fellows from Kenya.

16 September 2009: Jordanian Law on Societies amended
Amendments to Jordan's Law on Societies (Number 51 of 2008) took effect today after publication in the Official Gazette.

10 September 2009: ICNL prepares analysis on recent changes to NGO Law
ICNL analyzed the September 2009 amendments to the NGO Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

17 August 2009: New provisions in India affecting charitable institutions
An in-depth look at a proposed direct tax code, the Finance Act 2008, which took effect in April, and the Finance (no. 2) Act of 2009, which modifies the 2008 Act.

4 August 2009: Parliament of Azerbaijan adopts Law on Voluntary Activity
On June 9, 2009, the Parliament of Azerbaijan adopted the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan On Voluntary Activities, which entered into force on July 29, 2009.

27 July 2009: Pacific Civil Society Law Programme newsletter released
ICNL is pleased to announce the release of the first issue of our newsletter from the Pacific Civil Society Law Programme, a regional project undertaken by ICNL with funding support from NZAID.

17 July 2009: Russian Non-Commercial Organizations Law amended
Russian President Medvedev signed amendments to Federal Law No. 7-FZ of January 12, 1996, “On Non-Commercial Organizations,” which will come into force on August 1, 2009. 

10 July 2009: Serbian Law on Associations enacted
On July 8, the Serbian Parliament approved the Law on Associations. This decision marked the culmination of efforts to bring the legal framework for associations in Serbia closer to international standards and regional best practices. 

21 May 2009: Lao PDR approves decree for non-profit associations
On April 29, 2009 the Government of Lao PDR approved a decree for the regulation and operation of Lao non-profit associations; a significant step toward a more enabling environment for civil society in Lao PDR.  

18 May 2009: Second issue of Global Trends in NGO Law released
This issue examines legal developments affecting global philanthropy, particularly obstacles to foreign philanthropy and assistance.

7 May 2009: Agreement of Cooperation between Government and NGOs signed in Kyrgyzstan
On May 5, a meeting took place between the President of Kyrgyzstan and a group of leading Kyrgyz NGOs. The meeting culminated with all participants signing a formal agreement between the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and The Kyrgyz Third Sector.

3 April 2009: Albania adopts law to create Agency for supporting civil society
On April 2, 2009, the Albanian Parliament adopted the Law on the Organization and Functioning of the Agency for Supporting Civil Society (Law No. 10093). The law will enter into force on April 17.

5 March 2009: ICNL announces new publication: Global Trends in NGO Law

16 February 2009: Bulbul and Friends featured at International Film Festival
ICNL and Counterpart's jointly produced film was shown at the two-day "Bridge the Gap: A Film Festival on Resurrecting Afghanistan" festival in New Delhi.

16 February 2009: ICNL partners with Counterpart for Student Competition in Kabul
Counterpart and ICNL organized a student competition on civil society, gender and legal issues in Kabul.

3 February 2009: The European Court of Justice rules on tax deductions for charities 
The ECJ examined whether a tax deduction for cross-border gifts is encompassed by the free movement of capital guaranteed by European Community law.

29 January 2009: Freedom House releases 2009 Freedom in the World findings
The report finds a decline in global freedom for the third consecutive year, especially concentrated in many of the regions ICNL works in.

22 January 2009: ICNL partnering with Georgetown Law
Doug Rutzen and Adam Kolker will be teaching a course on international civil society law this semester at Georgetown University Law Center.

12 January 2009: Eminent Persons Group endorses Defending Civil Society report
ICNL and the World Movement for Democracy are pleased to announce that the project’s Eminent Persons Group has issued a letter endorsing the report and its findings and urging governments around the world, the international community, and citizens worldwide to join them.  

5 January 2009: USAID publishes controversial Partner Vetting System Final Rule
To view the Final Rule in the Federal Register, please read this news story.