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ICNL has provided technical assistance in drafting the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), which was enacted in 2005, and in drafting the Law on Associations, enacted in 2013. ICNL continues to empower local partners who are leading efforts to prepare enabling improvements to the legal framework, including amendments to the Law on NGOs; a new law on foundations; a regulation on volunteerism; and amendments to the tax code, which would provide donor incentives in Afghanistan for the first time. In addition, ICNL seeks to improve the implementation of the law by training government regulators and educating civil society representatives on their rights and obligations under the legal framework. ICNL’s work has helped amplify the voice of civil society in policymaking in Afghanistan.

Flag of Afghanistan (Graphic credit: Wikimedia)

Civic Freedom Monitor


Civil society in Afghanistan has deep roots with traditional local councils called shuras or jirgas

Global Grantmaking Country Notes

In partnership with the Council on Foundations, ICNL maintains reports on thirty-four countries that help U.S grantmakers undertake equivalency determinations for foreign grantees. The reports in this series describe the legal frameworks for nonprofit organizations and provide translations of relevant legislative provisions.




ICNL launches rebranded ‘Civic Freedom Monitor’ as successor to NGO Law Monitor

ICNL launches rebranded 'Civic Freedom Monitor' as successor to NGO Law  Monitor
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President Karzai signs into law bill expanding associational rights in Afghanistan

Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Marking a momentous day for Afghan civil society, President Hamid Karzai signed the Association Law on September 1, 2013. The ... Read More

ICNL partners with Counterpart for Student Competition in Kabul

ICNL partners with Counterpart for Student Competition in Kabul
On January 27, 2009, Counterpart and ICNL organized a student competition on civil society, gender and legal issues in Kabul ... Read More

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