ICNL Launches United States Program Portal


ICNL has worked in the United States to protect civil society and promote philanthropy since 1992. Recently, ICNL has received an increase in queries from nonprofits seeking to ensure they are compliant with US law, thereby reducing the risk of government enforcement actions.  In response, ICNL is launching a new webpage that includes information on legal compliance and risk mitigation for nonprofits.

At the same, we’re also releasing ICNL’s enhanced US Protest Law Tracker, which maps recent legal initiatives affecting the right to protest in the United States. The new format has all of the detailed, up-to-date information you’ve come to expect from our Tracker, plus great features like an interactive map and extensive filtering options that make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Both of these tools are featured on our new US portal on our website that will host resources linked to our growing US program.

We invite you to check these tools out and share them among your network.

To access the US Program Portal, click here.