Latest Global Trends Issue: The Muslim Brotherhood on the State of Civil Society Law in Post-Mubarak Egypt


ICNL is pleased to reintroduce Global Trends in NGO Law, an online periodical synthesizing key legal developments affecting CSOs around the world.

In this issue, we interviewed Khaled Hamza of the Muslim Brotherhood to discuss the state of civil society and civil society law in post-revolutionary Egypt. An avid journalist and blogger, Mr. Hamza is the Chief Editor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English language website, Egypt’s internal debate over how to regulate its NGO sector has made international news, and through this interview, ICNL hopes to provide timely and important information illuminating the views on this subject of one of the key actors in Egyptian politics today. We hope that publication of the Muslim Brotherhood’s remarks will spark a robust discussion about the state of Egypt’s civil society, and particularly, its NGO law.

This issue of Global Trends introduces a new feature: a section inviting reader comments. Through this feature, we hope to facilitate thought-provoking discussions among our readers on the issues presented in our publication. We invite you to comment on the interview with Mr. Hamza.