US Protest Law Tracker: Legislation in US States Affecting the Right to Peaceful Assembly proposed or passed since November


The past three months have seen a spike in large scale protests across the United States, accompanied by a wave of proposed state laws which if passed would restrict people’s protest rights.

As of February 9, there were at least 12 bills proposed in 11 states that could negatively affect people’s right to peacefully assemble and protest. These new initiatives range from harsh new criminal penalties for protesters, to expanded authority for law enforcement to use force against protests that block traffic.

Having trouble keeping track? We have just the tool: ICNL’s US Protest Law Tracker, a compilation of new laws – proposed or passed – that could potentially restrict the right to peaceful assembly around the United States. Each entry features links to the proposed bill’s text and to its legislative progress.

The Tracker is updated regularly, so be sure to visit us for the latest updates. If we missed something, please contact ICNL’s Elly Page with updates or news of additional initiatives at