UNSR Report: Right to Freedom of Association of Migrants and their Defenders

A Report by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants

This report provides a thematic study on the right to freedom of association of migrants, in which the Special Rapporteur examines recent trends in restrictions in law and in practice on freedom of association for migrants and civil society organizations that work to protect migrants’ rights.

The right to freedom of association is essential for migrants to express their needs, protect their right to life, and defend their economic, social, cultural, and other human rights. Assistance and support from civil society organizations is crucial for migrants, particularly for those in an irregular situation or with vulnerabilities. Given the interconnected nature of human rights, restrictions on migrants’ and their defenders’ freedom of association further hinder migrants’ enjoyment of other rights. Encouraging migrants to organize empowers them to engage with the host communities directly and enables them to have a positive impact in the communities and countries in which they reside.