Freedom of Assembly

As part of its U.S. Initiative, ICNL works to protect and promote the right to freedom of assembly. 

Protests and demonstrations have played an important role in U.S. civic life since the country’s founding. However, in recent years, the right to peacefully assemble has faced new legal and practical challenges in the United States. This page provides ICNL resources to help individuals and organizations track and better understand some of these challenges.

U.S. Protest Law Tracker 

ICNL’s Protest Law Tracker follows state and federal legislation proposed after November 2016 that restricts the right to protest.   


Legislative Briefers

Analyzing legal issues arising in various types of anti-protest bills:

Current Trends

Explaining emerging trends related to the freedom of assembly:

International Resources 

The following link to compilations of international resources related to freedom of assembly: 

Other Publications

  • ICNL Submission on the Right to Peaceful Assembly in the United States to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (2017) 

  • Global Trend: Restrictions on the Right to Protest in the United States (2018)

  • ICNL letter to the Director of the National Park Service expressing concern about the National Park Service’s proposal to charge protest organizers fees to recover costs related to protests on the National Mall and Memorial Parks. (2018)

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