Eurasia Program

The Kremlin in RussiaThe ICNL Alliance works throughout Eurasia. Our work focuses on the legal framework for civil society, the implementation of legislation, capacity-building, and cross-border initiatives. In addition, lawyers supported by ICNL have provided assistance to CSOs in the region.

Central Asia: The ICNL Alliance has worked to foster an enabling legal and fiscal environment for civil society in Central Asia since 1997. Country-specific activities are tailored to meet the needs and challenges in each of the five countries - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. We also support cross-border activities that give local civil society organizations (CSOs) and lawyers the opportunity to exchange perspectives with colleagues in other countries. Program activities include providing technical assistance to civil society and government representatives, increasing the capacity of local partners, and bolstering the legal literacy of CSOs.

ICNL has completed a comparative overview of legislation in the Central Asian Republics. Read it here: Russian


The ICNL Alliance has developed and collected many primary and secondary legal research materials on topics related to civil society in Eurasia, including regional and country-specific documents.

Analytical Overview of Fundraising in Eurasia

Fundraising campaigns, such as crowdfunding, text-to-give, and other electronic means, are increasingly popular in Eurasia. ICNL has done extensive research on the legal framework relating to this type of fundraising in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. This set of reports presents the research, giving an in-depth review of existing regulations for fundraising by non-commercial organizations (NCOs) via electronic and online tools, and provides recommendations on how to efficiently use existing tools in compliance with legislation, as well how to further develop new methods for NCO fundraising.

These reports present detailed legal analysis of civil, banking, financial, and tax regulation relating to NCOs’ fundraising by means of electronic and online tools, both as written in legislation and as implemented in practice.

Azerbaijan (English) | Belarus (English, Russian) | Kazakhstan (English, Russian) | Kyrgyzstan (English, Russian)

Online Library

Access our collection of resources, including materials in English, Russian, Azerbaijani, and Moldovan. You can use the Online Library in an English or Russian language interface.

CSO Sustainability Index for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia

The CSO Sustainability Index reports on the strength and overall viability of CSOs by analyzing seven different dimensions of the CSO sector in each country in the region.

Legal Basis for the Financial Sustainability of CSOs in Central Asia

In this overview, issues of legislative regulation of various sources of income for non-commercial organizations are discussed in five countries of Central Asia: the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and the Republic of Uzbekistan. English | Russian

Civic Freedom Monitor

The ICNL Alliance produces country profile reports that provide an overview of key issues relating to the freedom of association and the NGO legal framework, with a focus on legal barriers affecting civil society. Civic Freedom Monitor reports are available for Azerbaijan | Belarus | Kazakhstan | Kyrgystan | OSCE | Russia | Tajikistan | Turkmenistan

Regional Overview of Legislation on Freedom of Association 2019

In this overview, explores how freedom of association is regulated in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and the Republic of Tajikistan. The report is available in Russian only.

Analysis of Ukrainian Draft Laws on Reporting for CSOs

ICNL has prepared analysis of the Draft Laws posted to the Ukrainian Parliament's website on July 10, 2017. The primary focus of this analysis is to compare provisions of the Draft Laws with the international best practices, experience of European countries and US. This Analysis concludes that the Draft Laws do not represent international best practice, will likely negatively impact the CSO sector, and restrict freedom of association.

ICNL Analysis | UCIPR Analysis | Draft Amendment to Tax Code | Draft Amendment to Law on Public Associations

Assessment of Uzbek Law on Transparency

This new ICNL article examines the legislation on openness of activities of state organs in Uzbekistan. The publication reviews the implemenation and enforcement of the Uzbek law in depth. English | Russian

Assessment of NGO Laws in Belarus

In this recent publication, the ICNL Alliance compares laws pertaining to NGOs in Belarus to international standards and best practices. The assessment examines the full range of NGO laws from the basic right to associate to taxation and government oversight. English | Russian

Assessment of NGO Laws in Azerbaijan

In this recent publication, the ICNL Alliance compares laws pertaining to NGOs in Azerbaijan to international standards and best practices. The assessment examines the full range of NGO laws from the basic right to associate to taxation and government oversight. English

Foreign Funding in Azerbaijan: Challenges and Perspectives

This article is intended to familiarize the reader with the regulation of foreign funding for non-governmental organizations in Azerbaijan and to help potential donors to better understand the legal framework for grant-making in Azerbaijan. English

Regulation of Income of NGOs in Azerbaijan

This publication outlines the key income regulations and sources of funding for Azerbaijani NGOs. English