A thematic overview of ICNL’s programs is below. To learn about our regional activities, please click on the links to the left.

Framework Legislation

ICNL provides assistance on the basic legislative provisions governing civil society, including:

  • Constitutional provisions governing the freedoms of association and assembly;
  • Legislation governing the formation, operation, internal governance, and dissolution of organizations; and
  • Provisions appearing in other legislation that directly affect the freedoms of association and assembly and CSOs (e.g., certain counter-terrorism measures).

Philanthropy and Sustainability

ICNL programs promote the legal framework for philanthropy and the financial sustainability of CSOs. Illustrative topics include: 

  • Incentives for philanthropy;
  • Organizational tax exemptions;
  • The legal and fiscal framework for volunteerism; and
  • The framework for government funding of civil society (grants, contracts, lotteries, national endowments, foreign assistance programs, etc.).

Public Participation and CSO-Government Cooperation

We seek to advance the legal and policy environment for CSO-Government engagement. Examples include cross-sectoral compacts, CSO-government cooperation offices, and the legal framework for public hearings. In addition, civic participation is an embedded principle in all reform initiatives.

ICNL also provides assistance on the legal framework for social enterprise, CSO self-regulation, social service licensing laws, the legal framework for disaster response, and international cooperation laws, among other issues.