Anti-Terrorism Proclamation No. 652/2009

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Document Information:

WHEREAS, the right of the people to live in peace, freedom and security has to be protected, at all times, from the threat of terrorism;
WHEREAS, terrorism is a danger to the peace, security and development of the country and a serious threat to the peace and security of the world at large;
WHEREAS, it has become necessar y to legislate adequate legal provisions since the laws presently in force in the country are not sufficient to prevent and control terrorism;
WHEREAS, it has become necessary to incorporate new legal mechanisms and procedures to prevent, control and foil terrorism, to gather and compile sufficient information and evidences in order to bring to justice suspected individuals and organizations for acts of terrorism by setting up enhanced investigation and prosecution systems;
WHEREAS, in order to adequately fight terrorism, it is necessary to cooperate with governments and peoples of our region, continent and other parts of the world that have anti-terrorism objectives and particularly, to enforce agreements that have been entered into under the United Nations and the African Union;