Freedom of Assembly

This portal includes publications, reports, and court cases on the freedom of assembly.

    El Hulk del Táchira/The Hulk of Táchira, Rafael Uzcátegui, San Cristóbal, Venezuela

Assembly Standards

The right to freedom of peaceful assembly is the right to gather publicly or privately and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests.

Want to learn more? This page provides a comprehensive collection of resources that cover international standards, guidelines, laws and United Nations resolutions all related to the Freedom of Assembly.

Assembly in Practice

How does technology affect the right to protest? When does a protest stop being peaceful? What happens when the Freedom of Assembly is restricted in established democracies like the US?

Despite the fact that the Freedom of Assembly is enshrined in constitutions around the world, the answers to questions such as these are not always easily accessible or clear. This page provides a diverse collection of resources that help to answer these questions and many others on the freedom of assembly in practice.