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Foreign Influence Registration Laws and Civil Society

This report develops a typology of salient features of foreign influence registration laws and then shares key recommendations for substantive arguments against overbroad foreign influence registration laws and potential response strategies.

India Philanthropy Law

Indian culture places great emphasis on Daana (giving). The ancient philosophy of Nishkama Karma – “do good without the expectation of getting a reward” – continues to profoundly influence many peoples’ lives.

China Philanthropy Law

ICNL’s China Philanthropy Law Report explores the current state of laws and regulations affecting philanthropy.

Nigeria Philanthropy Law

Although Nigeria does not have a formal philanthropic sector and can boast of only a few well-known philanthropists, giving is an important pillar of society.

Ethiopia Philanthropy Law

The earliest forms of civil society in Ethiopia were traditional community-based organizations including idir, iqub, and other informal self-help organizations.

South Africa Philanthropy Law

Philanthropy is important in the South African context. The African concept of ubuntu, which is founded on the principle of caring for one another, is central to South African society.

Saudi Arabia Philanthropy Law

The nonprofit sector in Saudi Arabia is governed by a combination of codified regulations and Shari’a, or Islamic law.

Qatar Philanthropy Law

Philanthropy is embedded in Qatari culture and predates the discovery of oil in the twentieth century.

Kuwait Philanthropy Law

The culture of philanthropy is well rooted in Kuwaiti society. However, with the discovery of oil in the twentieth century, the government started to develop a welfare system, substantially increasing dependence on the state.