Research Center

Keeping up with the latest news, information, research and experiences impacting the not-for-profit law world is a daunting task for any organization. This is especially true for smaller, local civil society organizations with limited resources and access to trends and information. In order to facilitate knowledge-sharing as well as to provide support for all organizations interested in this dynamic field, ICNL has developed a centralized Research Center. The ICNL Research Center contains a wealth of data that provides support to not-for-profit law initiatives, including:

Online Library

ICNL's Online Library is a directory of key research materials, including domestic and international laws, reports, treaties, and court decisions that affect civil society. It includes over 2,200 documents from every United Nations member state and several autonomous territories in more than 60 languages. Documents can be searched by country, language, type (laws, publications, court cases, forms, etc.) and theme (counter-terrorism, assembly and protest, elections, foreign funding, etc.).

Civic Freedom Resources

In the Civic Freedom Resources section of ICNL's Research Center, we provide 12 collections of resources on cutting-edge topics affecting civil society, including Digital Freedom, Aid Effectiveness, Laws on Volunteerism, and Counter-terrorism.

International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law

The International Journal for Not-for-Profit Law (IJNL) provides readers with analysis and commentary on current legal issues affecting civil society. IJNL is especially focused on laws in the developing world while appealing to a broad audience of lawyers, scholars, donors, and government officials.

Civic Freedom Monitor

The Civic Freedom Monitor provides up-to-date information on international civil society law in more than 50 countries and 8 multilateral organizations. ICNL's network of partners and affiliated organizations around the world work with ICNL to monitor these developments.

Global Trends in NGO Law

ICNL's publication Global Trends in NGO Law synthesizes key developments relating to the legal issues that affect civil society organizations.

Philanthropy Law Reports

The Philanthropy Law Reports present timely information on national laws and regulations affecting philanthropy in India, China, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Africa.