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The ICNL Alliance is made up of ICNL, ECNL, BCNL, and our affilate offices. Rooted in the principles and norms of international law, we strive to strengthen the legal environment for civil society, philanthropy, and public participation around the world. Our staff comes from the countries and regions in which they work and, along with members of our board and advisory council, represent more than fifty countries.

All staff photo from a 2019 ICNL Alliance retreat in Washington, DC (Photo: ICNL)

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law

ICNL and our affiliate ICNL LLC have offices in Washington, D.C., Jordan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Tajikistan.

1126 16th Street NW, Suite 400 | Washington, DC 20036 USA | Phone +1 202-452-8600 | Fax +1 888-666-1668



150 Mecca Street, Al-Harrana Complex, 7th Floor, Suite 705, Amman, Jordan 11191 | Phone +962 6-554-8158 | mena@icnlalliance.org

125/1, Toktogul Str., Business Center Avangard, Tower B, Room 704, 720001, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720001 | Phone +996-504 071-266, +996-707 970-970, +996-707 878-625 | Fax +996-312 620-830 | office@icnlalliance.kg

Paul Bonwich

Aida Dzhumanazarova

Atai Akhetovm

Aizhan Kurmanalieva

Oksana Muromskaya

37/1 Bokhtar St, 4th Floor, Room 405, Dushanbe, Tajikistan 734000 | Phone +992 (37) 227-8168 | assistant@icnlalliance.tj

Georgiy Gridilyan

Takhmina Naghzibekova

Tolibsho Muborakshoev

Anisa Qurbonova

Zamira Safarova

Roziya Shamirova

The European Center for Not-for-Profit Law

Based in The Hague, ECNL is a leading European resource and research center focused on policies and laws affecting civil society. ECNL aims to build an enabling environment for civil society organizations (CSOs), so that they can operate independently, sustain themselves financially, thrive under strong internal governance, engage in effective policy-making, and mobilize public support. To achieve these goals, ECNL works at every level, from the local to the international.

Contact Information:

Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM, The Hague, Netherlands | Email: info@ecnl.org

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The Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law

Founded in Sofia in 2001, BCNL provides legal support to the development of civil society in Bulgaria. BCNL’s activities include helping identify CSOs’ legislative priorities, organizing seminars and training on issues related to CSOs legal and fiscal frameworks, maintaining a database of civil society laws, and providing legal assistance on CSO registration and other topics. BCNL also conducts research on a variety of issues pertaining to nonprofit law.

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Contact Information:

3 Hristo Belchev Street, Sofia, Bulgaria 1000 | Phone + 3592 981 66 17 | Fax + 3592 988 81 66 | info@bcnl.org

Radina Banova

Radina Banova

Plamen Todorov

Plamen Todorov

Penka Panamska

Penka Panamska