Haneen Bitar

Senior Legal Advisor

Haneen Bitar is a Legal Advisor for the Middle East and North Africa, she works with civil society organizations and governments to enhance the legal environment through developing laws, policies, and projects that advance civil freedoms in MENA.

Her work and interests have covered gender, climate change, migrants and digital rights and their relevance to civic space, as well as freedom of assembly and freedom of association. Her work included, legal research and analysis on laws affecting civil space, build the capacity of feminist and women-led organizations to navigate restrictive legal frameworks impacting their rights to assembly, association, expression, and public participation and help develop tools to respond and advocate for reform in MENA.

Her professional experience includes advocacy, awareness, and protection. She is also an activist on gender-based violence issues, a child protection trainer, and a member of women’s rights coalitions.

Haneen holds a master’s degree in Law from the Middle East University and LLB from the University of Jordan.