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Overview of Georgia’s Foreign Influence Law

On May 14, 2024, the Georgian parliament adopted the Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence. The Law requires non-entrepreneu…

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Taiwan’s Laws Regulating Civil Society

In this report, author Shawn Shih-hung Shieh, Ph.D., writes that Taiwan’s Civil Association Law should be reformed.

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10 Major Legal Threats to U.S. Civil Society

A growing array of legal threats make it harder for nonprofit organizations and activists in the U.S. to do their work. This ar…

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Reporting Requirements in the Kyrgyz Republic

This guide has been developed to provide information on reporting requirements in the Kyrgyz Republic for noncommercial organiz…

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Protecting the Future of Myanmar Media

Myanmar’s revolutionary movement stands at a pivotal moment in the nation’s history.This thought paper contributes to the evolv…

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Foreign Influence Registration Laws and Civil Society

This report develops a typology of salient features of foreign influence registration laws and then shares key recommendations …

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Analysis of the Kyrgyz Republic Law on Foreign Representatives

Ala Too Square Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, on a very sunny, cloudless day. There are fountains and a large Kyrgyz flag on a tall flagpole billowing. (Photo: Emil Akhmatbekov)

The draft law on foreign representatives, initiated on November 21, 2022, would establish new burdensome requirements for all n…

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2024 Georgia Draft Law on Foreign Influence Transparency

On April 3, 2024, the Georgian Dream party registered in the parliament the draft Law of Georgia on Foreign Influence Transpare…

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Bridging Commerce and Rights Advocacy

This groundbreaking paper examines the International Business Associations (IBAs) in Asia and their efforts to protect rights d…

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Digital Fundraising in the Middle East and North Africa

In this report, we aim to consider the availability of digital mechanisms in three countries, namely Lebanon, Morocco, and Pale…

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Thailand’s COVID Emergency Decree

Covid in Thailand, photo credit CDC Global via Creative Commons license

2021 saw an unprecedented numbers of protests in Thailand, resulting in hundreds of prosecutions of protesters. A majority of t…

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The Regulation of Foreign Funding of Nonprofits in a Democracy

Foreign Funding of Nonprofits

This ICNL Guide explains how states can comply with the FATF Recommendations relevant to the non-profit sector and provides con…

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Journalist Detentions in Myanmar

journalist detentions in myanmar, photo credit Creative Commons

The Myanmar military launched a crackdown on media freedom as part of a coup d’état on 1 February 2021, persecuting journalists…

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Pandemic Governance in South Korea

COVID-19 in South Korea; Cover Image from 2024 Korea Pandemic Report

This groundbreaking paper explores examples of South Korea’s enabling, cooperative approach to civil society in emergency respo…

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A Textbook for Civil Society Organizations Laws in Kyrgyzstan

textbook for civil society organizations; Judges gavel laying on wood table (Photo credit: Rawpixel/Unsplash)

This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the legal regulation of civil society organizations and other institutions o…

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Guide on Liquidation of NCOs and representative/branch offices of foreign NCOs in the Kyrgyz Republic

This ICNL guide includes step-by-step instructions on the liquidation process, including procedures for annulling tax registrat…

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Bilateral Investment Treaties in the Kyrgyz Republic

bilateral investment treaties in the Kyrgyz Republic.

This ICNL analysis reviews how bilateral investment treaties in the Kyrgyz Repbulic for the protection of the rights and intere…

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National Relief Funds in Asia During COVID-19

national relief funds in asia during Covid 10.

This paper explores government-run relief funds established for the purpose of COVID-19 pandemic response, and how these funds …

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Social Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan

social entrepreneurship in Tajikistan; Tajikistan business street; photo credit CC

To support the government in improving the standard of living, the work of organizations and individuals providing needed servi…

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Pandemic Governance & Civic Freedoms

japan's pandemic governance; photo credit Unsplashed Nakaharu Line Ek

Japan stands out among the Asian nations for it’s response to COVID-19 for adeptly utilizing its legal framework without compro…

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Inter-American Principles for Civil Society

Although the freedom of association is enshrined in constitutions across the Americas, restrictions to this right are common. I…

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Upholding Civic Freedom in Georgia

In early 2023, Georgians took to the streets to protest a highly restrictive draft foreign agent law. Within days of the draft’…

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Supporting Civil Society in Exile

In Myanmar, civic space drastically contracted after the February 2021 coup. By supporting relocation, ICNL enables our partner…

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Digital Rights Alliance Africa

ICNL team

ICNL and partner CIPESA created a space where civil society, lawyers and tech experts can come together to exchange ideas and t…

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