Elly Page

Senior Legal Advisor

Elly Page is a Senior Legal Advisor with ICNL, working to improve laws that affect civil society in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and the United States. Ms. Page currently leads ICNL’s activities in Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, and Sudan, but has provided technical assistance to partners throughout the MENA region on topics including the reform of laws affecting public assemblies, the lifecycle of civil society organizations (CSOs), and civil society’s access to funding.

In the US, Ms. Page’s work focuses on protecting freedom of assembly. She founded and manages ICNL’s US Protest Law Tracker, which monitors state and federal legislation that limits or chills individuals’ right to assemble, and she provides technical assistance to a broad coalition of partners to defend and advance assembly rights. Her work is regularly cited in leading media outlets and she has been quoted in The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Guardian among others.

Prior to joining ICNL, Ms. Page served as a Law Fellow with the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, in Cairo, Egypt. Ms. Page previously served with the Public International Law & Policy Group in Washington, D.C., where she provided legal and policy assistance to governments and civil society representatives in a number of post-conflict and transitional states in the MENA region. Ms. Page is a graduate of American University Washington College of Law (J.D.), and Harvard University (B.A.). She is a member of the New York bar. She has a working fluency in Arabic.