Overview of Georgia’s Foreign Influence Law

Helping Organizations Understand and Navigate the New Law

May 2024

On May 14, 2024, the Georgian parliament adopted the Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence, which requires non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entities (NNLEs) and media organizations to register as “implementing organizations of foreign power interests”, among other requirements. Although the President of Georgia vetoed the Law on May 18th, the Georgian parliament used its power to override the veto on May 28th. Now, the parliamentary speaker is expected to sign it into law.

To help organizations understand and navigate the new Law, ICNL and ECNL prepared an Overview that explains how the Law applies to various stakeholders and the potential implications on their activities.

Read the full Overview, available in English, here.

This Overview was updated on 23 May 2024 to accurately reflect the entities to which the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting applies, as well as to include the definitions of “broadcasters” as defined in the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting.