Philanthropy Law Reports

This set of reports present in-depth information on national laws and regulations affecting philanthropy in nine countries around the world. The reports serve as practical guides for the philanthropic sector and other stakeholders in the nonprofit world. Each report was written by a local expert in partnership with ICNL.

“In our work, we often hear that there is a lack of clear, concise information available to help philanthropists understand the legal environment for giving in particular countries,” said Catherine Shea, ICNL’s vice president of programs. “Our goal with the Philanthropy Law Reports is to fill that gap.”

The Great Wall of China (Photo Credit: Peter Dowley)
Ethiopia (photo credit: Julio Garcia)
Taj Mahal (Photo Credit: Gerard McGovern)
Kuwait Towers (photo credit: Dan/Flickr)
(Photo credit: SabrinaDan Photo/Flickr)
The 2009 World Innovation Summit for Education in Qatar (photo credit: Larry Johnson/Flickr)
(photo credit: Edward Musiak/Flickr)
South African art (photo credit: Charis Tsevis/Flickr)
The Dubai skyline (photo credit: Jimmy Grewal/Flickr)