United Arab Emirates Philanthropy Law Report

Published: August 2018

ICNL’s United Arab Emirates (UAE) Philanthropy Law Report explores the current state of laws and regulations affecting philanthropy. The UAE has deep roots in a culture of giving that originated in tribal and religious traditions. In the twentieth century, the state and ruling families of the emirates institutionalized these traditions as many leading families invested their personal wealth in various philanthropic enterprises. Today, philanthropic activity in the UAE is significant in its magnitude. According to one source, the UAE is now the leading source of charitable donations in excess of $1 million among countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Meanwhile, the country’s numerous foundations and other charitable initiatives account for billions of dollars in domestic and foreign investment.

Our report – available in both English and Arabic – unpacks the present-day environment for philanthropy law in the UAE. Additionally, we have a series of infographics, factsheets, timelines other materials provide more context on civil society and philanthropy in the UAE.

Explore our collection of visual materials below:

Infographic: UAE Philanthropic entities (by affiliation)

Donut graph breaking down UAE philanthropic entities by affiliation (independent, government, or other).

Infographic: UAE Philanthropic entities (by mission)

Donut graph breaking down UAE philanthropic entities by mission and vision.

Infographic: UAE Philanthropic entities (by location)

Graph showing the registration location or authority for all philanthropic entities in the UAE.

Timeline: The rise of philanthropy in the UAE

Interactive timeline tracking the rise of philanthropy and civil society in the UAE since 1969.

Factsheet: Fundraising dos and don’ts in Dubai

A factsheet that provides a closer look at fundraising regulation in Dubai.

Factsheet: Regulatory differences between UAE jurisdictions

A factsheet breaking down regulatory differences between different parts of the UAE.