Adam Kolker

Advisory Council

Dean Adam Kolker is Assistant Dean and Executive Director of the Office of International and Comparative Law Programs at Columbia Law School. He has held similar positions at Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he taught international civil society law with ICNL’s President. He has served as a member of the Academic Council of the IberoAmerican/Caribbean Law and Public Policy Institute of the China University of Politics and Law, as well as on the Dean’s Advisory Board of the Qatar University College of Law. He was part of a team that worked with law schools in 20 countries, on five continents, to create the award-winning Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London.

Dean Kolker was the founding Principal of International American Group, Inc. (IAG), a strategic consulting firm advising clients on the development of cross-border business partnerships. Earlier, Dean Kolker spent four years as a Foreign Service Officer at U.S. embassies in Venezuela, Grenada, and Spain, and worked as a foreign advisor in the Tokyo office of Diet Member Motoo Shiina.

He was born in Japan to U.S. and Mexican parents.