Debra Morris

Advisory Council

Debra Morris is Professor of Charity Law & Policy at the University of Liverpool, UK. Between 2014 – 2021, she was Dean of the School of Law and Social Justice at the University of Liverpool. The School consists of two Departments: (i) Law and (ii) Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology. She returned to the University of Liverpool in 2010. Previously, she was Assistant Director of Legal Studies at Cayman Islands Law School (an institution affiliated to the University of Liverpool). Her research interests are in charity law. She is Director of the Charity Law & Policy Unit at the University of Liverpool, where she leads of team of researchers. Her research has focused on many different aspects of charity law and regulation, ranging from the ‘public benefit’ test through to the impact of equality law on charities. She has contributed to two of the leading texts on English charity law, Picarda: Law and Practice Relating to Charities 4th ed (2010, Bloomsbury Professional) and Tudor on Charities 9th ed (2003, Sweet and Maxwell). She has written widely in the area of charity law and policy and has presented at conferences and seminars around the world.