Guillermo Canova

Advisory Council

Guillermo Canova is a Lawyer, graduated from the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires. He is an independent consultant, researcher and professor, specializing in Civil Society Law, and an active member of OSC coalitions.

He is the Secretary of the Board of directors of ACES – Universidad Austral, and a professor of Law and Taxation of Civil Society Organizations at the School of Law of the Universidad Austral.

He is one of the founders (1994) and a member of the Board of the Foro del Sector Social (FSS), currently vice-treasurer. As the Director of the Legal and Tax commission of the FSS, he has been responsible for many years for coordinating activities to promote a more enabling environment for the Civil Society Sector of Argentina, such as conferences, seminars, publications, media articles and notes.

He is also a founder (2016) and member of the Board of the Confederación de la Sociedad Civil, a wide and inclusive coalition, created with the main purpose of strengthening the legal framework for civil society, citizen participation and philantropy, through public advocacy actions of all types.