Nadya Shabani

Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL)
Sofia, Bulgaria

Nadia Shabani was appointed Director of BCNL in March 2016. Previously, she served as Program Director. She worked in the organization from its establishment in 2001 until 2009, and came back to BCNL in 2012. Within BCNL, she has worked on issues such as establishment of NGOs, public-private partnerships, good governance and social contracting. She provides assistance to public officials on central and local level, lawyers, professional groups, parental organizations and social service providers for developing policies, strategic documents, drafting legislation changes and impact assessments in social area.

In 2009, Nadia became the chair of the National Agency for Child Protection in Bulgaria, responsible for the enforcement of children rights and coordination of all government policies in the area. As the head of this agency she was in charge of the coordination of all measures and programs in the plan for the deinstitutionalization of children in Bulgaria, accepted in 2010 and funded by the EU (100,000,000 euro for the first 4 years).

Nadia has an M.A. degree from the Law Faculty in Sofia University and specialization in international law and international organizations.